Organic. (ôr-gān’ĭk) adjective
1. of, relating to, derived from, or characteristic of living plants and animals
2. Using or produced with fertilizers of animal or vegetable matter, using no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.
3. Free from chemical injections or additives, such as antibiotics or hormones.
When you are looking for “organic” and natural products or food,  be sure to stay away from anything that is trademarked because you can only trademark something that is manmade.
Skincare companies are infamous for changing a natural and organic ingredient (vitamins and minerals) so it can be marketed as the newest fountain of youth!

The real question is: 

If there are already natural and organic ingredients for every skin issue, then why do companies create their own man-made ingredients?  
Trademarked ingredients (man-made chemicals) are created so that no other company can compete with their trademarked “wrinkle cure”.
If an ingredient is not naturally occurring  in nature, then your body will not know what to do with it so it gets stored when it is not eliminated from your body.  Organic just signifies that the ingredients are grown naturally without chemicals.