Here’s how!

With the vast number of choices in skincare and all of the skincare advice at your fingertips on the internet, it can get overwhelming and frustrating trying to put together the best routine for your skin.

The Bottom Line is..

Not having a SIMPLE routine is the killer of any good habit.


When things get overcomplicated, lets face it… we just don’t follow through because that’s human nature and we are busy. With so much advice and tips at your finger tips on the web, it’s hard to take every tip and put it all together in one cohesive skincare routine. For this reason, I am taking a minute to give you the basics of all good skincare routines, no matter what skincare line you choose. You should be doing the following in order to maintain good skin.


First know that whatever you do today, will determine what your skin looks like in 10 years. So even if you’re in your teens or 20’s and have no thought of where you will be in 10 years; just know this, one day you’ll be paying for that glowing tan you have today! 10 years will come and go in a flash (I know this from experience). You don’t want to show up at your high school reunions worried that the first thing anyone will think when they see you is “what happened to her, she used to be so cute”. Let’s make sure we do what’s best for our skin today so that we can welcome every new chapter of our lives with confidence.


“Don’t change you (forget fillers & botox)…  just be the best YOU that you can be proud of”.    


Start your healthy skin habits today so you can love your skin next week and thank your lucky stars for your beautiful, youthful skin 10 years from now!



Wash twice with PH balancing face wash morning and night                                                       ***(wash once if using makeup remover or toner)

Apply serums twice a day (in any order). Shake well before applying

Optional: If you want to use an eye treatment, always use gel instead of cream

Apply a thin layer of moisturizer to lock in skincare & protect it from the environment

Apply a Sunblock during the day to minimize sun damage



Exfoliate your skin with a brush or sponge at least 3 times a week for a healthy glow

Use cupping massager at least once a week to stimulate elastin and tighten pores



Use a derma roller once a month for collagen and resurfacing (numbing cream suggested)

Apply a mud or clay mask once a month to detox and reset PH



If you wear makeup, wash your face twice.

  • First to remove makeup.
  • Second to remove dirt and dead skin cells

Don’t forget to moisturize areas that show your age and are often overlooked:

  • Eyelids
  • Under chin
  • Chest
  • Knees
  • Top of hands
  • Fleshy skin at the front of your armpit

Don’t sleep face down to avoid pulling on your skin

Sleep with a silk pillow cover for a gentle material that does not pull on your skin

Always apply or wipe skin in an upward motion, never pull down on your skin

Minimize sun exposure, especially when driving

Make sure your hormones are balanced and your thyroid is healthy

Cut back on salt, processed food, dairy, bread, pasta, caffeine, and sugar

Go organic as much as you can with food and topicals

Exercise 30 minutes a day (take a walk if nothing else) to improve circulation

Instead of using a toner, you can use a PH balanced face wash

When drying off, pat your skin dry instead of wiping it dry

Wear as little makeup as possible (makeup changes your skin’s PH and clogs pores)

Take a multivitamin and collagen supplement to replace natural loss from aging

Try to stress less to avoid the skin damaging stress hormone, cortisol

Get 8+ hours of sleep

Drink 8+ cups of water

Positive self talk – you are a beautiful person and deserve happiness!

PLUS…. A smile makes everyone look better!