Why Medical Grade Organics?


After decades of tedious research using the latest DNA technology, we were able to crack the skin biology code.  We have pinpointed where and why skin breaks down at a cellular level and determined the 5 basic “food groups” needed to prevent breakdown and maintain a strong, healthy skin structure.  When the skin is fed a “balanced meal” from the 5 basic skin “food groups”, it is able to repair and prevent free radical damage.


We searched the world over for the most effective natural remedies and native cures for every skin issue.  After years of intense research, we were able to narrow down the most effective and potent botanicals on earth and determine the exact nutrients in them that are responsible for fixing specific skin issues.  We combined these ingredients to create the world’s first “medical grade organics”.


To extract the active ingredients from each plant, we use the most cutting edge cold pressing techniques in order maintain quality and potency.   The extracted ingredients are then combined with meticulous accuracy to ensure that each pea size application gives your skin a balanced meal.  With each application, you are giving your skin exactly what it needs to address every skin issue and defend itself against future damage.