I just love when I can use something natural to have a quick beauty ‘fix’…. who doesn’t?? When my face is puffy and swollen as soon as I wake up, ugh, it makes me angry!!!! I bet you feel the same way too! So to end our morning anger, I found the perfect solution, and it works!!!!! Just wrap two ice cubes in a washcloth and place it on your puffy face, and it will do the trick!!! Just keep on the area for 10 minutes or more. The discomfort will only last 2 minutes or so. Trust me, you will thank me later!

By trying this, I learned another amazing trick!! You can use ice as a primer!!!! Get an ice cube and run over your face (don’t press it against your skin, just run the ice over it)… it will freeze your fingers and numb your face – lol – BUT if you did not have time to buy a new primer or you just don’t want to spend any money buying one, the ice will be your best friend!!!! It will tighten your pores minimizing their appearance so your makeup goes on smoothly. And before applying the makeup, I use Raw Biology’s Vitamin C serum to bright my skin. I bet you are going to love the results!